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10 Reverse Mortgage & HECM Strategies:

  • Pay off my existing mortgage to increase cash flow.
  • Renovate my home to make it safer and more enjoyable.
  • Give my retirement savings accounts more time to grow.
  • Delay taking my Social Security for larger payouts later.
  • Build a stronger safety net.
  • Gain greater peace of mind for my long-term healthcare needs.
  • Purchase another home that will better fit my needs.
  • Protect my portfolio in a down market.
  • Create a lifetime income stream for my family and me.
  • Pay off other debt, like high interest credit cards.


Reverse Mortgage & HECM Eligibility Requirements:

  • Be 62 or older
  • Own and live in your home as your primary residence
  • Undergo a financial assessment to ensure a reverse mortgage can serve you as a sustainable, long-term retirement solution
  • Receive counseling by an independent, HUD-approved third-party to confirm you understand your obligations and responsibilities with a reverse mortgage
  • Maintain the property and continue paying property taxes, homeowners insurance, homeowner association and any other applicable fees

Quick Facts:

  • More than 1 million homeowners 62 and over have used a HECM reverse mortgage to age in place. 
  • Since obtaining a reverse mortgage, 8 out of 10 customers said their lives have improved.
  • Home equity levels for homeowners aged 62 and older grew to $7.1 trillion in the fourth quarter of 2018.

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